Making a Different Purse Shaped Gift Bag

I wanted to make another purse shaped gift bag…so found this on Sam Calcott’s Mixed Up Craft video, link:

You’ll need something to decorate the ends of the handles. I used a 1 1/4″ circle punch and a 1 3/4″ scallop circle punch, punched four circles in gold cardstock and four scallop circles in the same purple cardstock as I made the bag out of and glued them together to form what looks like four flowers.

The purple paper I use is from Amazon made by American Crafts, and here’s the link.

The floral paper is from Joann’s and is their brand Park Lane and is called Watercolor Florals, link:×12-stack-watercolor-floral/17705039.html

You’ll need two sheets of plain colored cardstock 9 1/2 x 12″ scored on the 12″ length (on both pieces) score at 3 1/2″ bottom and on the 9 1/2″ length (as far away from the 3 1/2″ score as you can) at 1 1/2″ and 8″ You’ll put the paper into your paper trimmer with the 1 1/2″ mark in the top of your trimmer in the cut line and line of the left edge of your paper on the score line you made near the bottom, and cut on the angle, then do the same on the 8″ mark.

Two pieces of patterned cardstock for the sides that are 4 1/2 x 6″ on the 6″ length, score at 5″, and on the 4 1/2″ length, (with the first score near the bottom) score at 1/2″, 4″ and then score at 2 1/4″ only down to the 5″ score that’s near the bottom

One piece of patterned cardstock to decorate the front of the bag that is 8 1/4 x 9 1/4″ If you have more than two pieces of 12 x 12 in a certain pattern, you could cover the front and the back of your bag, but sadly, I only had two pieces so could not. On the 9 1/4″ length, make a mark at 1 1/2″ and 7 3/4″ then using your paper trimmer, put the 1 1/2″ mark in the cut line of your trimmer and then the bottom left corner of your paper in the cut line, then cut so you have the angled edge, then do the same with the 7 3/4″ mark.

Two solid cardstock that are 1″ x 12″ for the handles, scoring from 1 1/2″ to 10 1/2″ on the 1″ length, score at 1/2″…so you shouldn’t have any scoring near both ends.

For the closure: solid color cardstock– 3 1/2″ x 3″ on the 3 1/2″ length, score at 2 3/4″ and one piece of patterned paper that is 2 1/2″ x 2 3/4″. Fold under the score, and using a corner rounder, round the bottom two corners on both papers. I use a Kadomaru Pro corner rounder that I found on Amazon and love it. Glue the two papers together with wet glue, and I’m using Bearly Art Glue.

You’ll need to fold and burnish all of your score lines.

The two side pieces you will fold under all of your scores except the center one that can be pushed in or out, it’s up to you.

Cut the bottom small boxes out and then angle the cuts on the sides so it will fold under easily.

Your large purple paper that will make the front and back of the bag….one of them, you’ll need to cut a very slight angle to the bottom section that is scored. This is the piece you’ll glue to the bag after the two sides are adhered. Take one of the purple pieces and one side piece….put tear tape or wet glue on the bottom and side folds of the patterned side piece. The bottom flap will attach to one side of the scored section of the large purple paper and then attach the side of the side piece to the side of the purple paper, and do the same with the second side, then take the other purple paper(with slightly angled bottom) and put glue under the scored area and slide it onto the other purple bottom piece, then glue the side pieces onto it. Next adhere the patterned paper that is used to decorate the front.

The 12 x 1″ strips make the handles…you’ll put glue in the center maybe from 3″ to 9″ leaving the ends without adhesive, then fold the score and after it’s dry, if you use wet adhesive, use a round object and holding the end of this strip over the round object, pull tightly toward you to create a curved look.

Glue the “flower” you made with with circle and scallop circle punches to the ends of the handles, then glue about 1″ from the ends to the end and attach to the purse. Then take a piece of velcro and attach it to the closure about 3/4″ from the bottom and centered (the bottom is the furthest away from the score line). Put glue above the score line and adhere to the back of the bag with the score line right above the edge of the bag, then pinch the front and back of the bag closed, making sure they perfectly line up, and then close the flap making sure the velcro adheres firmly to the front of the bag. Then open the bag gently and rub the velcro to make sure it stays glued in place.

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