We drove from our home in N/W Pennsylvania, to Utica, NY, and then to Quechee Gorge, Vermont. It’s pronounced q-wetch-ee gorge, and I never did say it correctly, but listening to other YouTubers, neither did they…so I’m not alone in mispronouncing it.

We went to Vermont because it’s one of the only states left that we haven’t visited…We still have North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Alaska, but we’ll finish, as it’s the only thing on our bucket list. We’ll do Alaska on a cruise, but not sure the best way to see the last four states. If you have any ideas on the best way to accomplish this, please let me know, saundralparker @yahoo.com

The gorge is lovely, but is hard to video as it’s behind a chain link fence. and has only a few small openings to video through. The waterfall is near the bottom of the screen and I’ll be sure to add some of Rich’s photos to facebook so you can see a better view of it. I loved their wooded area, but sadly, no wildlife for the entire trip. We left Quechee for Woodstock, VT, where they have so many lovely old Colonial style homes and several covered bridges. We stayed in White River Junction, VT for three nights, then onto York Beach Maine, where we’ve visited many times before. We met a viewer, Terrie, and her significant other, Vince, near Nubble Light House and had a great time getting to know each other in person.

The weather in York Beach was not good….but the last day we were able to visit their Wild Kingdom, which wasn’t too wild. There were very few “wild animals” there, but we did get to feed some goats, deer and otters, and there’s nothing better than feeding animals, for us.

We stayed on Long Sands beach for the first three nights, then onto the Union Bluff Hotel on Short Sands Beach. We wanted to stay there for our entire stay, but I booked the trip at the last minute, and since it’s high season, they had rooms, but we would have to change rooms every night, and that didn’t sound like fun. So we stayed at the GrandView Inn for the first three nights then onto the Union Bluff. I gave viewers a tour of the hotel room and the view of downtown York Beach and all of our favorite stops in town, including Sandy’s Purple Palace and their arcade, where we fell in love, many years ago, with the Addams Family Pinball machine, which precipitated us buying our own machine. I’ll link the video where I show it in the tour of our basement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HS_8caKQOqU

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