Pinwheel Tower Card w Mica Powder Embossing Powder

I wanted to make a card that matched the gift box I made for my girlfriend that just retired from banking.

A viewer had asked me to make embossing powder with mica powder so I did that. You’ll need 4 parts clear fine embossing powder to 1 part mica powder in the color of your choice. I use mica powder from the Hippie Crafter. If you aren’t clear on those measurements, it would be 4 teaspoons of clear embossing powder to 1 teaspoon mica powder. If you want less, use 2 teaspoons of embossing powder and 1/2 teaspoon mica powder. Mix them really well, as you want to make sure you get the color from the mica, and the shine from the embossing powder. NOTE: I just made up these measurements, as I wanted to make sure you have more embossing powder in your mix than I used, and I hope this gives you enough of the mica color..if it doesn’t, simply add more mica…

To use it, rub your embossing pouch (filled with either baby powder or corn starch) over the page you’ll be embossing, and then stamp with either a matching ink (to the mica powder) and then Versamark ink, and then pour the embossing mix you made onto the stamped image, then dump the excess off, the heat set it. I heat set starting under the paper to melt the mica powder and embossing powder so it doesn’t just blow off…and once I think I’ve got it well heated, I heat from the top to set the image.

To make the card, I used pink cardstock, and cut the first piece to 5 3/4 x 4 1/4″. Score on the 5 3/4′ length, at 3/4″, 1 1/2″, 2 1/4″ and 3″. Fold and burnish the scores. My bone folder is from Fiskars and is no longer made, but you can find it on ebay, link:

Fold the scores into a box and put tear tape or wet glue (I used Tombow Mono Aqua Glue) along the last panel then hold the “box” in place until it sets up.

You’ll need three pieces of the same cardstock that are 2 3/4″ by 4 1/4″. You’ll take the first one of these and lay it on the box so it buts up to the panel that sticks out from the box. Then you’ll turn the box one turn and lay the next panel on that side of the box and turn the box one last turn and lay your last box. To layer them with patterned paper, you’ll need 3 pieces of 2 1/2″ x 4″ (as one of your panels is the one you’ll write your sentiment on,) and on the shorter ends, line those with 1 3/4″ x 4″. You’ll need 4 of these.

I used a die that cut “Congratulations” and I cut three of these and then laid them on Sticky Specks that allows me to adhere very thin die cuts to projects. Link:

I laid the Congratulations die cuts (in purple so they’d show up better) on the edges of the panels and then added a small white pearl where the dot of the “i” would be in congratulations. I also added three of the small white pearls to the page I heat embossed a sentiment on.

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