FXOEE Precision Craft Glue Comparison

Below are the glues I compared and their prices. I appreciate the company that makes FXOEE Precision Craft Glue to allow me to try it out and compare it to the other glues I normally use.

Here’s the link for FXOEE glue on Amazon. https://amzn.to/3yGahsJ

4 oz glue price comparison on Amazon:

FXOEE $10.99

Bearly Art $16.99

Art Glitter Glue $17.82

Simon Says Stamp Tacky Glue $4.99 ( could only find it on the Simon website and only in a 2 oz bottle)

Tombow Mono Aqua 1.69 oz glue at Joanns (Amazon only sold in lots of four bottles) $5.99

The FXOEE glue comes with four pins, as well as an orange stopper cap and two pins. This is more than comes with any of the other glues.

When comparing the glues on black cardstock, all of the glues were shiny except the Simon Says Stamp, and it was less shiny.

The glues performed the same on gray cardstock.

On textured cardstock, all glues performed the same as on black cardstock. I also cut apart the textured cardstock and put a swatch of glue inside (waited for it to dry) and then pulled it apart and in this instance, the FXOEE glue seemed to hold more than the other glues.

I put a swatch of the glue in strips of white cardstock and tried to rip them apart.. The FXOEE glue the same as the rest of the glues. I put a swatch of glue on the outside of the strips I cut, and they all appeared a little shiny, even though we normally are told they are clear when dried.

The Simon Says Stamp Tacky glue is a PVA glue and I’m don’t think the others are, and am not sure if that will make the dried product appear differently, but I thought it was note worthy.

All in all, I found the FXOEE Precision Craft Glue to perform as well as Art Glitter Glue, Bearly Art Glue and Tombow Mono Aqua Glue. The only difference between the FXOEE glue and Simon Says Stamps Tacky Glue, is the Tacky glue is a PVA glue and appeared a little less shiny than the other glues.

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