Three Ideas for Fleece Scraps

I like to use fleece scraps for animals toys/tools and here are a few ideas for you..

Dog toy: Take three pieces of fleece that are 2-3 feet long and 1 1/2″ wide (for a larger dog, I have golden retrievers), for smaller dogs, use pieces that are 18″ long and 3/4″ wide. You need to have longer strips as when you braid them and knot the ends, the length really shrinks. Knot the end of the three strips, then braid them until you reach the end, then knot the other end. Izzy loves playing with these by herself, and if I make longer ones, she likes to play tug with Honey and Bella with them.

Cat toy: Take a 1/2″ wide by 12″ long strip of fleece and knot one end then thread a large bell onto the other end (you should cut the end of the fleece on an angle so it’s easier to thread onto the bell) and pull the bell down to the knot. Then knot the fleece on the other side of the bell and add another bell, then knot it again, then add a third bell, then one final knot. Cats like to play with these on their own, or you can make this longer and tie it onto a piece of furniture so it dangles and the cat can bat it with its paws.

Dog Pee Training Tool: The length of fleece will depend on how tall your puppy need this to be long enough that your puppy can “ring” it without standing on back legs only. As the puppy grows, you will make your length shorter by cutting it off. Start off with the longest piece of fleece you think you will need…I’d start with a 3 feet long and 3/4″ wide strip of fleece. You want the bells (my bells are 3/4″ tall and 1/2″ wide) to be at the end of the strip so you can tie the strip to your door knob and then near the end, slide on a bell maybe 6-9″ from the bottom, then knot below the bell, then add another bell, then knot it, then add a third bell and knot it. To train the dog to pee outside, when a very young puppy, you’ll ring the bells every time you take your puppy outside to go to the bathroom, then eventually, the puppy will ring the bells to alert you that they need to go out. Make sure you have enough bells on your fleece that you can hear them from any room in your house so you don’t miss your puppy asking to go outside.

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