Comparing White Gel Pens & Paint Pens, & Introducing Funcils Paint Pens

A viewer requested a white gel pen comparison, so I also decided to include white markers, as they can be used interchangeably in a lot of art mediums.

The nice people from Chalkola that make the Funcil’s markers, sent these to me to try.

Funcil set of five white markers:

Gel Pen Tips: Use them when you buy them, because the longer you have them, the better the chance it won’t work well. If your pen doesn’t put out ink, you can hold the tip on your hand and let the warmth absorb into the nib, and hopefully, it will start the ink flowing. If that doesn’t work, you can light a match (adults only) and wave the pen tip near the flame, but NOT in the flame…Let it cool a little then try rubbing it on your hand again, and if that doesn’t work, scribble it on paper, and if nothing comes out, it’s time for the trash. You could also try a heat tool (used for embossing powders) waving the pen in front of the hot air like you tried with a match, or even your hair dryer….If none of these ideas work, it’s not going to be revived, in my opinion.


Gel Pens: I had a larger variety of gel pens, but since they weren’t new, I didn’t want to compare them.

Gelly Roll by Sakura 08 medium point model link: This is a great pen and the ink is a bright white. At first I thought the Uniball was brighter, then re-wrote with them and decided maybe this one was brighter. I think if you buy either this or the Uniball, you should be happy with them, if you use them and don’t store them for a long time.

Uniball UM153 link: Great pen with bright white ink. I think this is comparable to the Gelly Roll and you should be happy with either of these gel pens.

Ranger INK25207 Inessentials white gel pen: Don’t waste your money on these pens as they don’t perform well and are a real disappointment, in my opinion.

Paint Pens:

Sharpie Oil Based White Extra Fine Point Pen Link: In case you wondered, I did check to see if this pen will work on paper, and they say it works on “virtually any surface,” and I assumed that included paper. I don’t know why it doesn’t perform well on paper, but you can see the ink when I press the nib too hard and a blob comes out, but as soon as I started writing with it, it became a shadow and no ink is visible.

Niutop paint pen, water based, extra fine tip: It sometimes spatters ink and the nib is a little stiff, making it tough to make letters that are more rounded, but it seemed to get better with both ink spatter and the nib bending for rounded letters with use. It’s a bright white ink.

Pen Touch 1.0 mm fine point, quick dry, permanent opaque marker: Bright white ink, takes a little to get a new pen working. It is a bright white ink. Also not as easy to make rounded letters..maybe it gets easier as the nib is used more.

Posca .7 mm paint pen: Works great every time I’ve used it. Not as bright white as Niutop and Pen Touch

Arteza Paint Pen: Came in a set I’ve had for a couple of years, so it isn’t a truly fair comparison to the other markers. Link: of-20 I did not like this marker, but I wonder if I used it in the past and the nib filled with paint then, and that paint dried, making the nib full of old paint that made the marker not usable…Don’t use my impression of this marker as it’s the only one that I know I used in the past and that may have made this marker not work well.

Funcils set of five markers:

1mm marker 3mm marker 6 mm marker 10 mm marker 15 mm marker

I found all of these markers to work well and getting them to work for the first time wasn’t difficult. I like that some of these markers have reversable nibs, and that’s a great feature that I didn’t notice in the other markers I tried. The ink in them is more of a chalky look vs. a bright white look, but otherwise, the nibs performed well on their first use and I didn’t have any issues with them.

Hope this helped you decide which white pen/marker is for you.

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