Last Minute Easy Christmas Gifts

Every year for Christmas, I like to drop off a box of gifts to a local nursing home so people who don’t have family nearby, have a small gift during the holiday season. Here are some of the things I made this year.

I bought a light up snowflake during the post-holiday season sales last year that is white, and thought it was too bland, so used Tombow Mono Aqua Glue and rubbed it all over the surface of the snowflake, then used fine Martha Stewart red glitter and pressed it into the snowflake. I liked it a lot better once it was red. Make sure you shake it off over a garbage can several times before you deliver it, to ensure you aren’t giving a gift of loose glitter to the recipient.

We all have old picture frames around the house and those serve as the backdrop to most of my gifts. I find ornaments at garage sales or at Dollar Tree or Dollar General, and depending on the ornament’s size, hot glue it to the outside of the picture frame glass. When doing this, make sure you’ve cleaned the glass on both sides and that the hanger is facing the proper direction. For oval or round frames, it’s easiest if you trace the glass onto your Christmas paper and then cut the paper out. If your paper has a pattern with a direction, make sure that you’ve cut it so it is straight up and down in an oval frame. Most of the ornaments I bought didn’t fit inside the oval frame, but I’d bought a set of ornaments last year from Dollar Tree that were glittery red cardboard bells, so I hot glued one of those onto the paper inside the frame and put the frame back together and it looked great.

Some of the nicest frames I’ve decorated, used the simplest ornaments. I used a large gold 3 d metal ornament from Dollar Tree (they sell these every year) that I glued to the outside of the glass on a 5 x 5″ looked cute, even though the gold bead in the center of the ornament had glue left on it by the manufacturer.. Note, when shopping for these ornaments, really look at them to make sure you find the one that has the least amount of issues, as the might not bug you when you buy them, but those blemishes will drive you crazy when you put the frame together.

Most of the papers I used are from Die Cuts with a View, Jolly Whimsy Stack from, I think, Hobby Lobby from a few years ago. Probably the only place you could find it would be on ebay.

I used an 8 x 11″ diploma frame from the Dollar Tree link: for the round Christmas wood ornament I bought last year at Dollar General. I added a piece of Christmas cardstock into the frame and then hot glued the ornament to the front of the frame, making sure to let the hot glue cool for a few seconds so it didn’t melt the plastic “glass” on the front of the frame. I decided the ornament needed more bling, so added small dots of Bearly Art Glue to the ornament and glued small white iridescent pearls leftover from a diamond painting to the ornament.

I had some snowflake doilies in my stash so added them to a piece of 5 x 5″ Christmas paper and then added hot glue on top of the doily and added a second doily to make it look more dimensional, then put the frame that was 5 x 5″ back together and called it done.

I had another 8 x 11″ frame (diploma frame) and glued inside a piece of Christmas patterned paper, then put the frame back together. I had a deer with antlers ornament from Dollar Tree and hot glued it to the outside of the frame near the center. I looked at the deer and it looked a little spartan around his neck where they add pine cones, so I added hot glued to his neck and added some red styrofoam balls to fill in that area. He also had a weird dollop of glue near his antler that you can’t see on camera, but is really obvious in person, so I hot glued a small poinsettia there. I was afraid taking him in and out of cold weather that he might unglue (as hot glue can do that), so I added some E6000 under him to ensure he stayed in place.

I showed a diamond painting of a cat that is 30 x 40 mm…a hard size to find a frame for. I took the diamond painting to our local Salvation Army thrift store and found a frame that fit. I think the frame was 11 x 14″, or close to it, and I folded the edges of the diamond painting back on themselves and added tear tape to hold them in place, then put more tear tape on the back of the diamond painting and cut a piece of poster board that matched the diamond painting, in this case it was purple, to the frame size, then centered the diamond painting and glued it into the frame with the tear tape and some hot glue for extra stability. Then reassembled the frame. I think it turned out great.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas easy gift ideas. They’re inexpensive and perfect for people whose taste you don’t know, but want them to have a gift from you.


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