Recycle T Shirt into Reusable Shopping Bag

My girlfriend went to a thrift store and when she bought her purchase, they put it into a bag made from a t-shirt and she thought it was such a great idea, she loaned me the bag so I could replicate it with all of you.

I used one of my husband’s old “life is good” t shirts for this and a pair of good scissors. You’ll start by cutting off both sleeves at the seam (but don’t cut out the seam) where it connects to the body of the shirt. I used Tonic scissors that I really like that are inexpensive on ebay…I don’t think you can find them in stores elsewhere, here’s a link to the ones I found.

I went to the neck and cut out the entire neck seam then made sure the front and back were even at the shoulders, then drew a line with a pencil where the back was higher than the front then cut out the pencil marks. You can cut this lower if you prefer a bigger opening for your bag.

The bottom is the last step, and I put straight pins about 3″ from the bottom and made sure I pinned the front and back together so they would stay together when I cut. I cut out the left side seam at 3″ and got rid of that piece then made marks on the shirt 1 1/2″ apart at the very bottom and cut up to the pins 3″ from the bottom. Cut at the 1 1/2″ mark up to the pin at 3″ and then make a cut with a craft knife or rotary trimmer at the top of the cut in the center of the 1 1/2″ of fabric a small slit then take both pieces of fabric at the bottom (from the front) and push them through the hole you made and pull tight. Repeat across the bottom of the t-shirt until you get to the other end, and cut out the seam up to the 3″ mark then, depending on the size of t-shirt you use, I used a size large mens, your last piece of fabric might be less than 1 1/2″ or it might be a little bit more, and no one will notice the size difference of your last knot.

This is a great bag for bulky things, but I wouldn’t use it for a bunch of cans…it would be great for clothes or potato chips or any lightweight purchases…I didn’t try to use it yet for anything that is heavy, but if you want to try it and let me know if it holds heavy things, I’d love to know….I’m too chicken to try doing it myself.


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