Everydayedeals.com Diamond Painting Unboxing, Card Making & Candy Recipe

This video has it all, diamond painting unboxing, completed diamond painting, a card made during the video with diamonds and a candy recipe..

Thanks to the kind people from Everydayedeals.com for sending me these diamond paintings.


Hedgehog diamond painting: https://www.everydayedeals.com/products/diamond-painting-crystal-rhinestone-dog-322141

Giraffe diamond painting: https://www.everydayedeals.com/products/diamond-painting-partial-round-giraffe-284675?cfb=bdfd0ec6-3f1f-4c59-b58e-89c4f60991d8&ifb=bdfd0ec6-3f1f-4c59-b58e-89c4f60991d8&scm=search.v4&score=2953.762913&ssp=

Cat diamond painting: https://www.everydayedeals.com/products/diamond-painting-crystal-rhinestone-color-cat-animal-3030cm-58256402

Gnome full diamond painting: https://www.everydayedeals.com/products/diamond-painting-full-round-gingerbread-goblin-3040cm-59749501

Christmas diamond painting: https://www.everydayedeals.com/products/diamond-painting-crystal-rhinestone-flower-59278002

Birthday gnome diamond stickers: https://www.everydayedeals.com/products/diy-new-diamond-painting-stickers-birthday-goblin-two-small-sheets-786685-06

To make the card, I started with an 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ card base in a pale green color and scored it on the 8 1/2″ length at 4 1/4″ to make an A2 sized card. I laid tear tape link: https://tinyurl.com/hupzjdh3 on the bottom of the front of my card to cover 1″ of the card base, and laid three different colors of green ribbon on the tear tape to make grass.

Using the completed gnome birthday diamond stickers listed above, I positioned the birthday gift over the “grass” and then took the gnome with the balloons and stood it on top of the grass and laid the gnome holding a present on the left side on the first line of “grass.” I laid the cake sticker between the two gnome on the top level of “grass,” and took some stars and hearts and applied them around the top of the images. I had a stamp that said “Stay young at heart” in my stash and stamped that in black Gina K ink.

Inside the card, I attached the Happy Birthday from the set, a balloon and another gnome.

Nougat Candy Recipe:

2 bags mini marshmallows

2 bags white chocolate chips

4 TBSP butter

3-4 Boxes of Dots candy

Start by lining a 13 x 9″ pan lined with parchment paper sprayed with Pam (cooking oil spray), making sure your parchment paper lines the sides of the pan. Take your biggest glass mixing bowl that will fit in your microwave and put 4 TBSP of butter in the bottom of the bowl. I rub the butter around the sides a little to make sure the candy comes out when it’s done. Then put two bags of mini marshmallows in the bowl and microwave them a minute at a time on high in your microwave, stirring at the end of each minute. It will take 3-4 minutes for them to melt, and once they do, take the bowl out quickly with pot holders so you don’t burn yourself, and put the two bags of white chocolate chips in and stir them until they’ve melted into the marshmallows. You might want to put one bag of the chips in the bowl at a time if your bowl isn’t huge. Then quickly put the boxes of Dots in the bowl and mix them in. By this time it’s going to be difficult to stir, but stir the candy in as quickly as possible and then dump the mixture onto the parchment paper lined pan and pat it in place. The way I saw it done, was to take another piece of parchment paper that’s also sprayed with PAM and use that to push the candy around. I put my candy out in the garage to get cold and then Rich cut it into bite size pieces.


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