Covering a FLower Pot w/ Leftover Fabric Strips

I bought this lovely flower plant at Trader Joe’s and wanted to give it to a girlfriend as a gift, but didn’t like the pot it came in and decided we could give it a makeover with leftover strips from the Christmas tree I made. Here’s that video if you’d like to see it.

Cut fabric strips in 1/2″ to 3/4″ wide strips. It doesn’t matter if they are all the same width, but you will need to cut off any fraying on the right side of each strip as we’ll be covering the left side with the next strip, so it can have a frayed edge….The strips need to be at least 1″ longer than the height of the side of the pot you are covering, and longer if you want to cover more of the bottom of the pot.

I used my Gorilla Glue mini hot glue gun that has dual temperatures link:

The Tonic scissors I bought on ebay, and here’s a link to the ones I just found there. I don’t know if you can find them in craft stores any more.

The fabrics I bought at a Christmas rummage sale and I used four different patterns, making sure to use them in the same order each time I applied them.

I took the first piece and attached it at the bottom of the pot with hot glue and then laid a strip of hot glue up the side of the pot and using a silicone tool from Dollar Tree in their makeup department link: to press the fabric into the hot glue. When I got to the top of the pot, I put some hot glue on the very top of the pot and some on the back of the end of my fabric strip and wrapped the fabric strip over the top and attached it to the inside of the pot. The next strip, is applied on the first strip overlapping it on the first strip’s left side so the left side of the attached strip will be hidden. Apply the strips exactly the same way you did the first until you get the pot almost completely covered, and then you want to make sure you complete your pattern, so if you have four fabrics, the last strips need to make sure all four fabrics are there so the pot looks the same the whole way around. The best way to do this is to choose thinner or thicker strips (thicker if you need to cover more space and thinner if you are covering a smaller amount of space) and you can also overlap the strips more or less to make up the space difference if you need to as well. Your final strip must have any fray trimmed off both sides as both sides will be visible on only this strip once glued down.

I took gold diamond wrap from Dollar Tree link: and hot glued it over the gold fabric then trimmed any excess fabric off both sides, then hot glued the diamond wrap to the top and bottom of the pot to make it look a little bit more blingy…Hope you thought it turned out festive.


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