I made a date to deliver the invitations after 4PM, as well as spend time with her husband (our good friend who is ill.)  His birthday was last week and I know he loves sweets, so made him some brownies and wanted to make him a cute and fun birthday card.  I have the Crazy Dog stamps from Tim Holtz that I absolutely love and wanted to make a slide card with them.  I haven’t made a slide card on video and wish I had done a video when I made a slide card last year with the Crazy Bird stamps.  I had the birds fighting over a kite with the string end of the kite in the beak of one bird and the kite sliding back and forth toward the other bird.  The card was adorable and I just realized I didn’t have my YouTube channel when I made that card as it was in August of 2015, and I started my channel almost a year ago, in October.  I think I’ll recreate the card for my girlfriend whose birthday is November 2nd.

I had a bone that came with the Crazy Dog set and thought I would try to use that as my sliding object.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, because the object that slides has to be large enough to cover a penny or a dime and that bone wouldn’t cover either.  So I had to come up with something else to use to slide, and found a stamp that looked like a beach ball and went with it.  There were small tennis balls in the Crazy Dog set, so I stamped out maybe fifteen of them and colored them with alcohol markers and attached them all over the front of the card above and below the dogs. Oh, I had some paper with grass on it and used that as my background, so having the dogs and all of the balls around looked perfect on the grass.  I stamped a third dog inside the card with a bowl of food. All in all, the card was really cute and this time I did make a video.  The video had it’s normal pitfalls, but the card is cute and playful and great for someone who is ill to forget about things for a while.  (The brownies were a big hit as well.)


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