I made a couple of great videos today and can’t wait for them to go live.  I found a template for a coffin the size of a Butterfinger candy bar but deeper, so I can put another small treat inside.  I thought it would be fun to give them filled with candy to our trick or treaters as we only get 10-15 of them.  I found some fun Halloween material I had laying around, and covered the candy with it and put a mummy on top of the material.  I decorated the lid of the coffin with a skeleton and some bats and the word “boo.”  I think it would have been better if I had made a mock up of it first and found the bugs before doing the video, as the lid was a little bit longer than it needed to be.  I made sure to note it on the video though, so others can alter their templates so their lids fit more snugly than mine did.

Then I got serious about making the wreath for my great niece.  I wanted to make a skull on a wreath with long fake eyelashes and a black wig and a lavender feather boa.  I just didn’t think that was going far enough so I added a tiara (of course she needed a tiara,) and a big hand mirror.  I think she came out really cute and I cut the back of the skull off so I could drop two battery operated tea lights inside so the skull will glow.  It came out so cute, at least I think it did.  Rich just kind of snickered when I showed it to him.  I hope our niece likes it.  It’s definitely a conversation starter and she can leave it up all year long as it doesn’t say anything about Halloween on it, just has the skull.  Well maybe she can’t keep a skull on her door year-round, I’m not sure.   All I know is that skull had some serious bling going on.  If I could have found a way to give it lips, I would have put some lavender lipstick on her as well.  You can never have enough lavender..  I can’t wait for the video to go live, I’m really proud of it.


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