300 Loads of DIY Laundry Detergent

To make my dry laundry detergent, I found the recipe from Adrielle Pyper on YouTube and varied mine per the video.  She uses a hand grater and stirs her ingredients by hand.  I’m not able to do that so I use my food processor instead.  I want to make sure that you are aware that this puts off a lot of dust into the air when you use the food processor.  So if you have any kind of allergies to dust or detergents,  you might want to use the hand stir and grate method instead of mine.

The ingredients are :
Fels Naptha -you’d need three of these for one bar of Zote
Zote–I use this in white.  Pink is scented and white is not.  If you don’t want to use the Purex Scent Crystals to make your detergent have a nice scent, you can go with the pink Zote.  It’s not overly scented, but does have more scent than the white Zote.  You will find this in the laundry detergent section of your Walmart, Target or grocery store.

I cut the Zote into cubes and then run it through the food processor on the shred function.  I do all of the Zote before doing anything else.

I make my detergent in three batches and use big bowls.  I divide the Zote into three equal parts and put one part in the food processor with the cutting blade now instead of the shredding blade.  I put the other two parts into big bowls. Zote is $2.64 for a bar.  I also added one bar of Ivory soap which is 40 cents and ran it through the food processor.  Add to them in three equal parts:
a box of Washing Soda $3.97
Two 1 pound boxes of Baking Soda $1.64 for two
a Box of Borax $3.89
An Oxy Clean type product–I buy mine at the Dollar Tree and I use three pounds or three boxes $3 The containers from the Dollar Tree come with their own scoop and the scoop is a little bit over 2 tablespoons.  You can use these for the laundry detergent, as you use 2 tablespoon for a regular load.  An extra dirty load, use 3 tablespoons.
Purex Scent Crystals one bottle $3.47 (don’t put this in the food processor)

You will take all of the ingredients except the scent crystals and spin them through the food processor until it is finely ground then put the batch into a large container (like an old detergent plastic container).  Once it’s in the plastic container, add 1/3 of the bottle of scent crystals and stir them into the mix.  Do the same process with the other two batches making sure you continue to add the scent crystals.  Again, you use 2 tablespoon for a load of laundry and 3 for a really dirty or extremely large load.

The total to make this recipe is $19.01 which is 6 cents a load for three hundred loads. Tide is roughly 18 cents a load on sale.


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