I’m having a day where I just want to cry.  Ever had one of those?  I had finished several videos and gave them to Rich wrapped in my notes.  I needed to get them back from him to add more information from one of the videos, so he gave them back to me.  And then they disappeared.  Gone.  Completely.  We’ve gone through every part of the house, the garbage, recycling, under the chair, inside the books that are beside the chair, you name it, we’ve looked there.

I realize that it’s silly to be so upset about something so minor, but I have so many great projects on those sticks and you’ll never get to see any of them.  I can’t reproduce some of them as one was of the baby shower invitations and I don’t have them anymore.  This isn’t the first time we’ve lost data.  We had a computer that destroyed a chip once before.  This is different.  It’s two 32 gb sticks that are full of videos.  I’m so upset and have no idea where to look next.  We even went through the house looking for scraps of paper or chewed sticks, thinking maybe Honey had found them.  But no, thankfully, her belly isn’t full of a memory card or two.   I guess I need to look at the bright side, and that is Honey didn’t eat them and we aren’t at the vet’s office worrying about having to operate on her.

The part that really makes me sad is that the detergent video was on one of the sticks and Rich gave me a choice of which video to put up first and I chose that one.  I can make detergent anytime, but the other videos I can’t reproduce.  Bad decision on my part definitely.  I’ll keep you in the loop so if we do ever find the sticks, I can share my happiness with all of you.  It’s been a tough day so far.  Geez.


2 thoughts on “10/19/2016

    1. Shelli, Thanks so much, I can use all the help I can get. I’m so upset and can’t imagine where it went. There are so many great videos on it and it’s really upsetting. Rich spent half the night looking for it after I finally gave up. It’s really making me frustrated that I can be so careless.


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