The last glue comparison video went live today.  The funny part is, I completely forgot I even made the video as it’s been on Rich’s desk for a couple of weeks.  I’m sure that there are a ton of other products I could compare, but currently, I’m out of ideas.  I wonder how many other videos I’ve made that I’ve forgotten about.

I did make a small run to the Dollar Tree to finish buying things I’m going to convert into Christmas gifts.  I saw a video by Cheapcraftygirl where she did a walk through of her Christmas decorations and she had used photo frames and made them into decorations.  I thought it was a great idea and easy to make.  I think my girlfriends will really like them and plan on giving each of them one (or three.)   I also bought the last things I needed for the planner I’m going to cover.  I think it will be a great project and need to get started on it.  I’m also doing a paper bag album with cute Christmas bags I bought at the Dollar Tree and will show them in the haul video as well.  I’m really surprised at how many people watched the last Dollar Tree haul and the follow up present video.  I really am having a great time making inexpensive gifts that are easy and have mass appeal and I never really know what kinds of videos will resound with people.  These ones definitely did.

I probably haven’t mentioned this yet on the blog, but next week we’re going on vacation.  It’s Rich’s birthday and we’re going to an island in the Caribbean called St. Maarten.  We’ve been there several times and really love it there.  Half of the island is French, so the food is really great, especially the desserts, and I always gain weight from the pastries.  The other side of the island is owned by the Dutch, and they have a lot of great jewelry stores and shopping.  We used to jewelry shop, but haven’t done so in a few years.  It’s definitely fun to look though.  I do plan on uploading videos during the week, because I have so many already finished and a lot I want to do before Christmas.  I’ve tried to get Rich to upload one a day for the next week, but we’ll wait and see.  There’s a lot to editing my videos because I make a lot of mistakes and sometimes the videos are really long (like the wet glue video.)  I have to give Rich credit, though, because I would have thrown in the towel if I was editing my own videos because of the problems I create.  I  watched Lindsay’s new video on making Christmas bulb wreaths and I had to laugh, because she sounded exactly like I felt when I was making that wreath ornament the other day.  I was so frustrated with the stupid glue gun and just wanted to throw in the towel on the project.  Her video is definitely worth watching, because it’s the first time I’ve ever seen another crafter practically lose their minds over a project.  It make me feel like we bonded somehow.  Maybe I’m not crazy after all.  (Or maybe I am.)

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