It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and although Rich loves the game, I’m not really into it.  I’m making good use of my time doing laundry and making a few videos.  I like to make sure I’m always a few ahead of Rich.

I made a really great card using the big Simon Says Stamp that JM gave me in her goodie box.  I really love that stamp and thought it would be fun to make my own stamp pad with baby wipes and re inkers.  I’m really not sure where my brain was at, as I used Distress Inks and they just didn’t want to stamp because the wet baby wipe kept diluting them, I think.  Anyway, the card started out as a fail and progressed to the point that I’m really proud of it.  Sometimes that happens when I made cards, or really anything.  I start out with one idea and it evolves into something else.   This one was pretty scary, but somehow I held it together long enough to turn it into something fun and interesting.

Since I had one good result, I decided to go for two and tried to make a card with multiple layers.  My colors didn’t blend well and I was just off.  It looks really bad and I think this one is going into the trash.  I used a couple of different colors of purples and somehow, they blended into what looks like a brown color.  I would have expected that if I had been using different colors that aren’t “friends” on the color wheel, but I’ve never seen it happen with the same color and using a different shade.

This is the second time I’ve tried to use this technique and I think I’m going to completely change up what I am doing and try something else.  What?  I’m not sure, but I need to make a thank you card and a congratulations card and both I’ve attempted twice and both have been total fails.  I think I’ll take a short break and try to simplify one of the cards and make something easy and fun.  That should take come of the pressure off of me.  After all, I don’t have to be JM all the time.


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