Watercolor Crayon Stamping Technique with Rubbernecker’s Birch Tree Stamp

I wanted to make another covered note pad and love this Rubbernecker birch tree stamp.

I bought my note pad from the Dollar Tree and measured it. If you make one, you measure the width of your pad and write that down. Then you measure the length and double that for the back and then measure the top from front to back and add that measurement on. I made a mark on my paper where top of the front of my notepad would be then put the paper in my MISTI and centered the Rubbernecker birch tree stamp on it. I used Fabriano hot press watercolor paper that was 140 pounds that I bought at A C Moore. I cut my watercolor paper a little over the width of my memo pad and left the length of the watercolor paper intact. My measurements ended up being 12 1/2″ long and 4 1/4″ wide. I had to cut separate strips of paper to adhere them to the watercolor paper to make the length correct. I used a green card stock and cut it to the length and width of each side and lined each side with it.
I sprayed my stamp with water then added watercolor crayons from Stampin’ Up (they are discontinued), then stamped it. I used grey and green and a little bit of yellows when stamping it. Then I decided to use watercolor pencils to add more color so used a variety of pencils. I used mainly Prismacolor pencils and used a wet brush and moved some of the green around in the grassy spot. I added another round of green on the stamp and stamped it so the darker green was more vibrant in the background. I didn’t think the green was defined enough so used Gumball Green Stampin’ Up ink and inked my stamp and then got frustrated and masked the background and used a grass stamp and stamped it in the bottom section of the grassy area to get the grassy definition. I put a mask on the circle and decided to press Weathered Wood Distress Ink on the paper all around the mask and covered the entire front of my paper. I splattered white water color paint on my grey background.
To make my pen holder, I cut a piece of cardstock 1″ by 4″ and wrapped it around the pen and put tear tape inside up to the spot where the circle opens for the pen to fit. I also put tear tape on one side of the outside of the pen holder as the other side was to be attached to tear tape and the other side that I put tear tape on, would end up attached to the paper that has no glue.
I took another piece of paper that was about 1.25″ wide by 8″ wide and then folded it around the back cardboard of our memo pad and then made sure it had tear tape on the part that wraps around the back and then take the backing off and attach it to the inside back of the cover. I put a row of tear tape on the top of the inside of the cover and pressed the pad into the top to hopefully hold it in place.

My measurements will only work for this pad and if you buy this pad at Dollar Tree, I’d still measure it before cutting as I’ve found the covers are not all cut to the same length and width.


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