I spent a lot of the afternoon and evening working on a card for my nephew who won a prestigious scholarship in nursing school.  He’s a really wonderful, caring man and I just wanted to do something nice for him.  Rich and I are looking into the best gift card for good restaurants close to his apartment.  I could have made a card with a gift card insert, but it didn’t even occur to me when I was making it.  Of course it didn’t, geez!

I spent several hours on one card and by the time I was finished with it and the video, I knew with 100% certainty, it was going in the trash.  It was so bad, I don’t think it could have gotten any worse.  I know you think I’m exaggerating, but here’s how I can prove I’m right.  Rich looked at the final product, a completely different card, and said something like, “your cards have come so far, they are so much better than when you started this.”  I took that as a big compliment, but wanted to show him that I really haven’t come as far as he thought so I pulled the first card out of the garbage can and he started laughing really hard, and said “you can’t win them all.”  Obviously not.

The biggest issue with the garbage can card (that’s a great name for it), was the embossing.  It was on craft card stock and the ink wasn’t consistent, which made the powder inconsistent, which made the melted powder a mess.  I’ve had a really hard time getting good consistency in my embossing and I’m wondering if it could be my heat gun.  I know every big crafter recommends the Hero Arts version and if I had known that when I started, I would have bought it instead of the only one I could find in a 40 miles radius, at Joanns.  Mine burns paper easily and bubbles the embossing powder, even when I keep it moving and if you watch me, you probably think I’m wildly moving the heat gun, but I’m just trying to avoid smoking, scorching or bubbled powder.  I’m not sure what else it could be.  My Versamark pad has been replaced with the Distress pad, so that’s not the issue, and I just don’t know what it could be.  If you have any thoughts on embossing and heat guns in general, please let me know, as I think I’ll be shopping on Friday.   My cousin and I are having lunch near a bunch of craft stores then doing some shopping.  She’s interested in making cards and I’m just the girl to show her what she needs.  Of course she would never need as much as I have (because I’m a crafting shop-a-holic), but I’m hoping I can help her with the basics.   I’ll make a box of things to help her get started.  Even small purchases like inks and acrylic blocks come at a price.  Since I’m a crafty hoarder, I’m always happy to share.  I think we’ll have a great afternoon and will give you all the details of our crafty purchases and our afternoon of fun!


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