Helpful MISTI Templates, Tips and Tricks

I bought a box of overhead projector clear plastic sheets last summer at a garage sale and thought they would be perfect to line my MISTI grid sheets.  You could use any clear acetate, but I have another solution as well.  I used my paper trimmer and cut the overhead projector sheets down to the size of the grid and cut a spare as well. I also wrote inch marks on the left side of the grid paper that I’m keeping in the MISTI, since I’m left handed so the MISTI measurements start at 8″ on the bottom when I use it.
I bought a set of 6 Non-Slip Vinyl Template Sheets on Amazon and here’s the link to them.  If you are a member of Amazon Prime, they are $4.79 for the set.
The non-slip vinyl templates need to be cut to the card sizes you want to hold in place in your MISTI.  You will need heavy duty scissors for this and I recommend the short bladed Tim Holtz scissors, as they are great for cutting anything heavy duty.  I cut out one that is 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ tall and one that is 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ tall and one that ix 5 x 7″ and lastly, one that will work for the top layer you’d put over an A2 size card which is 4 ” x 5 1/4″ wide.  I cut so the outer portion that doesn’t have any grid lines is not on our vinyl that’s left behind.

You’ll be able to use this vinyl so your cards won’t move if you have the right size in place, and I had some left over pieces that I used to put 1″ lines on it so they can be used to center sentiments in the MISTI.  I had two that were 6 1/2″ long and 1″ wide so I made 1″ marks the whole length and now I have an easy way to center sentiments and make sure long sentiments in clear acrylic are straight as well.
The templates are from Cyndie and the videos are by Maureen Wong  (I apologize for using the wrong name) and here is a link to the videos that explains how to use these templates as well as the download information.

I haven’t used the templates from Cyndie, but they seem like a really great tool for the creative stamper.

The six pieces of vinyl have two that are plain and four with grids.  I used all four with grids and then the two extras can be used in place of the overhead projector sheets to put on top of your MISTI grid sheet they provide.

Lastly, My Sweet Petunia has a free downloadable grid sheet to print to help to center sentiments.

Don’t forget that if you are right handed, you’ll want to rotate your MISTI so the door is on the right side when making your grid sheets.


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