I went to the dentist today for my regular check up and everything was fine, so no need to sweat for another six months.  Several years ago, my dentist told me he thought I was the biggest baby in the dental chair until he met my mother.  Somehow that made me feel a lot better about myself.  I don’t know why I’m such a chicken, but I am.  I had to have a root canal many years ago and my dentist sent me to a specialist and made sure I had Valium so I wouldn’t freak out.  I took the Valium and about an hour later, I was in the dentist chair and his assistant came in and started talking to me about the procedure.  She told me that in the future, I should consider Valium as it would help me with the anxiety.  I didn’t have the nerve to tell her I’d already taken it (and just think what a mess I would have been if I hadn’t.)

I did my part of the editing on the video of different papers and how they respond to blending alcohol markers, so I’m hoping Rich will get that video up tomorrow.  I also have a lot of stamp sets that need to be put into cd cases, so I’ve been working on that.  It’s a mystery how I end up with so many that need to be put away and a little bit odd when I don’t remember buying some of them.  I’m happy though, when I find sets like this, as it’s almost like getting an unexpected present.  Being ditzy isn’t all bad.

To finish the day, we met a bunch of our college friends for dinner.  It was a really nice night and it’s been fun getting to know the wives, as I graduated with the men and Rich played football with them, so they have that camaraderie that exists when you are teammates.

Although we got home relatively early, I thought I’d want to make a couple of cards, but decided to go to bed.  Sometimes it just goes like that.


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