My 2017 resolutions are complete.  In my own way, I did channel my inner Jennifer McGuire.  On December 31, 2016, we were at roughly 1,800 subscribers and thought 3,000 was a stretch, but really wanted to achieve that by the end of this year.  Today, we have 3,001 subscribers.  I’m sure a large percentage of that growth had to do with focusing on cards and different techniques that Jennifer McGuire uses, but the fact remains, 3,001 subscribers!!!!!

We uploaded the craft room tour video on October 29, 2015, and I was hoping 100 people would eventually watch my videos.  It is amazing that in a year and five months, we’ve grown to 3,001 subscribers and have on average, five hundred views per video.  Rich and I are so blown away by it and are really proud of what we’ve created.  If we continue growing at our current pace, we will have 5,000 subscribers by year end.  I can’t even begin to imagine that, but that’s what the numbers are saying.  I’m really happy that we’re doing well with the channel and staying true to our original mission and still having fun doing it.

With that being said, today I spent the entire day labeling stamp sets and putting them into cd cases.  It sounds like I would be done, but sadly, I still have several more sets to put into cases.  Rich, on the other hand, spent his day, editing a video I made of a card box.  In theory it was a great idea, but in reality, the video is at 42 minutes and he’s not done with it yet.  Holy cow, I had no idea it was going to be this long.  I wish I could think of a way to shorten it, but I just don’t have a clue.  The card idea was a good one, but I couldn’t find a sentiment that I liked to go with the paper I used, so the sentiment and the paper seem odd together.  I hope people can get past the confusion of that and just watch the video for the technique.  It’s a cool card and I think people should try to make one, but I think they will be put off by the time the video takes to watch.  I feel horrible when a video goes over 20 minutes and have no idea how we could make this into a part 1 and 2.  I really hope we can figure out a way to shorten it.

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