I forgot to mention yesterday I went to the first garage sales of the season and I bought dog toys.  That’s all.  How sad.  Ok, we did go to a rummage sale that a local diet club puts on.  They always have the best food, so of course I had to bring home chocolate covered Chex Mix with cranberries.  I wonder how their diet works when they offered awesome sweets and sloppy joes and hotdogs.   I should look into it as it seems like the kind of diet I could handle.

So today I didn’t do very much besides laundry and talking to Carol Held on the phone.  She was telling me a story about her Apple computer having issues and trying to work with the Apple support team.  It wasn’t going well, so she decided to take her video camera off of the tripod to see if the connections were attached properly.  Her camera was almost $3.000 when she bought it less than two months ago.  As she unscrewed it from the tripod, it flew out of her hand and landed on her wood floor across the room.  Of course the window you see the video through was broken.  So being like all women, she freaked out and called Best Buy where she purchased it.  I’ve never had good experiences with Best Buy and was amazed when Carol told them the story and they replaced her video camera.  I couldn’t believe it.  Of course she had to tell the story to probably six different people, but when they connected her to the “Geek Squad” and she was told the fix would take eight weeks, I think she lost her mind.  I can’t imagine someone on YouTube being without their camera for eight weeks and somehow that was the turning point, as the employee said, “I’ll just recommend we replace it.”  That would never have happened to me. They would have said something like, “You broke it, you have to buy a new one.”  I could have cried, kicked my feet, beat my chest and the end result would have been the same.  “Well mam, you dropped it, so you’ll need to buy a new one.”  Carol is my idol, because anyone that can get that kind of service from Best Buy is like a horse whisperer or whatever the equivalent would be when dealing with a computer store.  In the end though, she still hasn’t gotten the Apple problem fixed.  She spends so much time on the phone with them that she should get paid.  Last week alone, she was on the phone with Apple over eight hours.  I would have cracked after the first hour.  I would have been crying and babbling and incoherent.  Rich would have found me with the phone in my hand, screaming, “Why??”

It’s a good thing Rich handles all computer related issues in our house, otherwise I would probably have quit the whole YouTube gig for greener pastures, aka reading a good book or watching movies.


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