I decided I needed to get serious and make some videos.  So I started with a haul video for all of the things I have purchased at Aliexpress.  I’ve used three or four of the different die sets I purchased on the videos I’ve made after the haul video, so people will be able to see my buys in action.  I have never really used dies very often, so don’t know if there is a good quality die or not.  I think the important thing is do they cut?  These definitely do.  The little stitch lines show up really clearly as well.  Overall, I’m thrilled with my purchases, if only they didn’t take so long to get here.  My problem with the mail is completely mine.  I buy things and then forget I bought them.  I know a woman who keeps a log of what she buys, where she buys things and how much she pays for them.  That way if they don’t come in the mail, she has a record of her purchase.  I think it’s a genius idea, but I doubt if I would remember to stay on top of it.  I know I would be great at setting up a system like that, it’s follow-through that I lack.

I made a shaker card for my nephew for his birthday and used the backgrounds that I made with alcohol inks.  Did I mention that in the blog?  I might not have done so, and it might have been from all of the fumes I consumed.  Holy cow, you have no idea how much alcohol inks smell, until you leave the room you work on them in and then try to return to that room.  You get dizzy immediately upon returning.  That’s the moment I remember that I should have opened at least one window while working with them.

His shaker card came out pretty well considering I forgot to include the plastic layer that keeps all of the shaky things inside and had to re-group.  Oh well.  If you don’t learn what not to do in my videos, you aren’t watching hard enough, haha.

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