This was one of those days where I accomplished things that had been really wearing on me.  I’m not sure if you have this problem, but there are times when I postpone things and then they just take on a life of their own.  I had some crafty supplies I wanted to drop off to our local library and had bagged them up months ago.  I mean months.  At the same time, I’d collected a bunch of things I wanted to donate to our local troop packing site.  They send boxes of foods, magazines, just about anything a person serving overseas might want from the US.  Ok, that’s not all.  I am responsible for handling the graves for my family as the only ones left are my sister and I, and she lives in North Carolina.   Rich has been having some back and hip problems and I really didn’t want to add to his health issues and weeding is a killer for back issues.

So I put all of the bags together and said today is the day.  (Really I wanted to put it off another day, or month, but was committed to handling everything.)  We dropped off the things to the library then went to the cemetery.  In the time it took us to get there, maybe twenty minutes, the temperature seemed to go from 70 to 9 million degrees.  (I could be exaggerating, but I really don’t think I am.)  It was so hot and of course our family graves are all in full sunlight.  It was a painful experience and I felt so bad for Rich, as he didn’t even bother trying to bend over, but sat in the grass.  It really didn’t take very long to do four graves, but it seemed like forever.  We rewarded ourselves with a huge Mountain Dew and a bag of chips.  I know you’re probably wondering what I did while Rich handled weeding and planting.  My job is to cut down or rip out any of the perennials that try to take over the entire plot.  I had a pocket knife and didn’t even maim myself.

Oh, and I handle all of the weeds that Rich rips out.  Ok, not all of them, but a large portion.  So although it sounds like it wasn’t much to take care of, I really dreaded planting at the graves and still wish I had other family members (my sister) to hand it off to.  Darn that long distance.  To finish off the evening, we dropped off the troop supplies and my jobs are done.  Wow, it seems like it took longer to type this than the actual jobs took.  That’s what I get for procrastinating.

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