I really wanted to get a card or two done today.  I thought I’d do something simple, like gold embossed roses and color them with alcohol markers.  I’m a little brain-dead sometimes, because I keep forgetting that I can’t use alcohol markers on craft card stock.  They just don’t work.  The colors fade and it just looks bad.  So I spent over an hour working on a card that went nowhere.  That’s not all.  Before I tried that, I tried using kid’s chalk on craft card stock and Versamark ink with the same rose stamps.  Talk about a big fail.  I was rubbing so hard, I  made the paper ball up.  Ok, card number two in the trash.

I had made a card using watercolor pencils and a Carolyn Shores Wright stamp that’s my favorite stamp ever.  It’s four blue birds and they are really sweet and I love coloring it.

I’ve made this card for a few friends in the past, but never made a video using the stamp.  I decided ok, forget the roses, make a card with my bird stamp.  So I watercolored it and had a terrific time finally making a card that I wasn’t embarrassed to make a video of.

And lastly, I’m finally putting the pop and twist card online.  It’s been done for over a week, and I wondered if Rich was ever going to edit it, and today was the day.  See, I only procrastinate some of the time, not all of the time.

Plus I went to some garage sales and found very few items of interest.  The chocolate chip cookies I bought at a church bazaar were my big purchase.  You’ve got to love a good bake sale, well, at least I do.

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