Pop and Twist Card w/Butterflies, Influenced by MayMay

I saw MayMay make one of these twist and pop or pop and twist cards and was asked by a viewer to make one.

I cut 1/4″ off the 11″ length of 80 lb white cardstock to make the paper 8 1/2″ x 10 3/4″.  I scored on the 8 1/2″ side at 2 1/4, 4 1/4 , 6 1/4, and on the 10 3/4″ side, I scored it at 3 7/8″,  5 3/8″, and  6 7/8″.  After you’ve scored, you will want to cut the four corner squares out.  On the 10 3/4″ length, you need to be careful when you cut this side as it will show.  On the 8 1/2″ side, you will cut on an angle on your box so the paper is angled in from the outside.
You need to watch the video to see me cut the paper so you know exactly what I mean by angled cuts.
Now for the tricky part.  You have a score line in the center of your cross section and you have a score line in the center of your long side.  You’ll need to line both of these center lines up while at the same time making sure that you are folding this through the very center score marks in the middle of the cross (which is the shape of the piece we are working on).    Now once you’ve folded the paper, use your bone folder to ensure you have a really good fold.  Then do the same to the right side folding the center line on the middle of the “arm”  down to the center of the bottom of the card making sure your fold goes through the center score lines on the card.    Next you’ll squeeze your two arms and fold them in  and then use your bone folder and really burnish it down on all sides.  You have to make sure you paper comes to a point.

I took another piece of the white cardstock and cut it to 3″ x 11″.  I scored it on the 11″ length at 2 3/4″ , 5 1/2″ and 8 1/4″.  Fold from the right side up, then the next one down, then the next one up like an accordion.  It should look like a “w” when you are done folding them.  You’ll need to line these with paper and I chose butterflies on a green background.  You’ll need to cut four papers to 2 3/4″ high x 2 1/4″ wide.  I decorated mine with butterflies (that my friend Kay sent me), then used tape runner to attach these to the pieces I’d just cut.  I also used a stamp set from Stampin’ Up called Flight of the Butterfly for my sentiment.  After the butterflies were glued down, I made stitches with a black marker to make the butterflies look like they are flying.

You need to line the inside of the white big cross mechanism we made.  Fold it closed and take the paper that you want to line your mechanism with and put the paper about 1/4″ from the bottom and lay the mechanism on the paper and trace the paper with a pencil.  Cut out the paper so it goes inside the white cross mechanism.  You’ll need to make two pieces of the paper that  will fit on the mechanism and  if your paper has a pattern on it that matters which direction it faces, the second piece needs to face the opposite direction as the first piece.  Somehow my mechanism was 1/4″ shorter on one end so I had to measure both of the papers I lined mine with.  It didn’t make a big difference that it was 1/4″ off, but for some reason it was.  I thought I followed MayMay’s  directions to the letter.
Use tape runner to adhere the paper you just cut to the inside of the mechanism.  Then put tear tape (really strong adhesive) onto the top of the right arm of the mechanism, which means above the center score line.  On the left arm, you’ll put tear tape below the center score line.  Take the backing off your tear tape and put the 11″ x 3″ piece in the center with the center score line of the 3″ tall paper on the center score line of the mechanism and then lay the right side onto the tear tape and lay it down and adhere it.  Do the same to the left side and then fold them in and unfold it a few times so your card closes easily.
Now to decorate your card, you will need a 11″ tall by 4 1/4″ wide matching piece of card stock scored at 5 1/2″.  Then decorate the front.  Add tear tape all over the outside of the element that folds with the 11″ piece inside and make sure there’s enough tear tape to hold it in place.  Take your decorate outside and open it and lay the mechanism inside with the point to the center fold of the card and make sure it is facing the right direction (look at the inside when it’s open and make sure your sentiment is right side up).  Push it into the tear tape and lay the top of the card on the mechanism and make sure it’s well adhered.  If you close your card and you can still see part of the mechanism, you should be able to trim enough of it off to hide it.

I put the extra butterflies on my envelope and glued them down.

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