I’ve been wanting Rich to upload the video I did on small tape runners, but it’s a really long video and required a ton of work.  Today was the day.  He has spent all afternoon and late evening working on it, and it should be up by tomorrow morning.  It’s a really thorough look at fifteen different small tape runners and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I haven’t done a fun fold card in a week or so, and I have been wanting to continue doing them as they are a lot of fun to make, so tonight, I decided to make a tri shutter card that Lindsay make a very long time ago.  I liked the idea of it and since I haven’t seen many tutorials on this card shape, I decided to make one.  I wanted to use a layered stamp set from Sunny Studios that was all about popsicles and they were horrible to work with.  I know the Aliexpress layered stamps were difficult, but honestly, the popsicles were so much worse.  I washed them with soap, then used a nail file, and I still couldn’t get the ink to be consistent on the stamp.  If you can’t get a consistent layer, your results are really splotchy and gross.  I had to make several popsicles before I made one that I was happy with.  Actually, I didn’t like the die that I bought with the set either, as it didn’t seem to cut the popsicle properly.  I have to say, I was disappointed with this set and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The card came out pretty frisky and I hope you enjoy it.

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