We spent the day at our friend’s house, at a picnic with college friends.  My friend Sue’s son and his family were visiting from Colorado, and I volunteered Rich to take family photos and she was thrilled.  He takes his job very seriously, and spent a lot of the time away from everyone, taking candid photos.  Of course, he thinks his pictures are terrible, when in reality, they are truly works of art.  He’s submitted a lot of photos to national contests and has been in the top ten percent of thousands of photos, so he does great work.  Rich chooses to believe he’s not very talented, but I think he compares his work to some of the greatest photographers in history, which is never a good thing.

When we got home from the picnic, Rich rushed to Sunday night basketball, and I spent the evening buying crafty things.  I’m on a big buying binge (try saying that five times fast), and have been making sure I have all kinds of things I don’t really need.  I’m a huge fan of Stampin’ Up inks and papers, so bought some that have been discontinued.  I don’t think I could work for a company that changes their stamps as often as Stampin’ Up does, since as a sales person, you’d continuously need to be selling your old inventory and buying new.  You really wouldn’t want to keep a lot of retired merchandise, as you wouldn’t be able to sell it, and that’s really the point of being a sales person.  Honestly, as someone who likes to buy their merchandise, I just wait until things I like are retired, and buy them at huge discounts through either Ebay or Splitcoast Stampers.  I never feel badly about using the stamps, papers or inks in a video, because I know that my viewers  will always be able to find them online, as their reps are selling off retired merchandise as quickly as possible.  Therein lies my problem.  I think they retire things at the end of June every year (I might be a month off), and then I find so many things that I want (or just have to have) that I buy crazy amounts of things.  I like to buy the inks/refills/papers and markers once they are retired, so that’s what I’ve been buying lately. I used to want to have all of their colors, but then started to realize that I really don’t like all of their “in colors”, so only buy the ones I do like.  It’s my way of trying to reign myself in.  haha.   So now I need to force myself to stop shopping online and focus on using some of the thousands of things that I have.  Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll never use all of the things I have, I’m a crafty hoarder.   If this is the biggest problem I have, I think I’ll be ok.

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