Today we drove almost three hours to meet our niece and kids (not kids, one is eighteen and leaving for college in two weeks, and the other is sixteen.)  They live just outside Washington DC, so it was about halfway for both of us, not a bad drive at all.  We met in Somerset, PA. It’s only claim to fame is that one of the hijacked planes from 9/11 was crashed there by the passengers.  The town has a really nice memorial to the people on board, so we toured it while we were there.

Of course we all remember the story of that plane, but I never realized that there were only thirty-eight people on board, including the pilots.  Five of the thirty eight were terrorists.  I also never knew that the terrorists all flew first class.  I guess it makes sense, as they would be closest to the pilot, and it also explains why the people were able to make telephone calls, since they were on a huge airplane, with very few people on board.   The other passengers were spread out within the rest of the airplane and although it’s been almost sixteen years, you only have to see a photo, and it brings that day back in vivid memory.

We were glad we visited it, but were really ready to leave once the tour was over.  I was able to give our great niece her album and some other things I’d bought for her for college.  She was really impressed with her album, and was completely amazed that I had found hornets for her book.  I had so many hornets, that I gave her a small bag of extras to use however she wanted.  Her mom teaches first grade and she was excited to take the tie dyed tennis shoes that I had made, so it was a great day to rid myself of so much crafty goodness.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that I stayed up until almost 2AM finishing the album, and we left to meet them at 9AM, so I was completely exhausted on our trip home.  I remember Rich saying something to me and the next thing I knew, we’d driven fifty miles.  I am a riveting travel companion.  It’s been a long day and I am ready for bed.  It’s not even 9PM, I must be getting old.

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