I really thought that I would accomplish a lot of clean up in the craft room today.  I’m pretty certain at this point that I am destined to live in squalor there forever.  I will find almost any and every excuse not to clean it.  Today’s excuse was looking for marbles.  I know you think I’m making this up, but I need ten marbles for a crafty project and I have them, just can’t remember where I put them.  So I started searching.  That lead to more disarray.  Then I thought about the new Aliexpress dies I had purchased and wanted to make sure I keep them separate from the other dies I have, so that distracted me.  I never found the marbles and am not sure if I have all of the dies separated, but both of those activities prevented me from getting any kind of organization done.  I know what you are thinking..  “She’ll do anything to avoid cleaning that room..”   Probably so.  On the other hand, I gave Rich at least four videos to upload, so at least I did something worthwhile.

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