One AliExpress Die, Three Uses, Inlay, Layering, Shaker Cards

I bought this die from AliExpress, thinking it would be fun, but didn’t realize just how many uses there were for it.

Here’s the link to the seller I bought it from, but you could probably find it cheaper if you looked.  $2.98

The first method is using the die with several colors of cardstock that all match.  I put the pieces that came out of the die cut into a pile and chose a base that was 8 1/2″ wide by 5 1/2″ tall.  Score the 8 1/2″ length at 4 1/4″.  The one color you can’t use is the color you chose for the front of your card.  I used wet glue and a jewel picker that I bought from Amazon to inlay my die cuts.  Here’s the link to the jewel picker:

I used a basic wet glue that I put thin rows into the openings of the background after gluing it onto a card base.  You will go through your pile of different colored pieces and find the one that works for the row you are gluing and make sure your colors vary as you go.  You can create a pattern of colors or just use two and vary those.  Make sure you put enough glue on the ends to ensure that the pieces don’t come out.  Once you are finished, you can lay a book over them as long as no glue has seeped out and would stick to the book.  If that happened, you can use a piece of silicone mat under the book to ensure it doesn’t get glued to the book.
I added a die cut sentiment to the card to make a clean and simple card.

The second card, I layered the backgrounds on top of each other.  I chose three different colors of backgrounds and the card base was not the same as the other colors.  I lined the first two up so that I could put tape runner on the left edge of the first background and then laid the second background on it, but offset just enough that you can see that color.  Then using glue stick on the front of the next layer, I laid it under the others and off set it enough so you could see that color, but there was still a small amount of light showing through.  You will have to trim these pieces now so that you only see the top color when you lay it on your card base.  The card base size is the same as the one in the first card.  I die cut a sentiment and put it on this card to finish the second card.
The third card is a little trickier and doesn’t really look like the first two.  I used all of the same color background die cuts and glued them on top of each other with Multi Matte Medium..  I started with four.  I glued a piece of plastic backing you get from stamp sets to the back of the four to create a shaker card.  Then I took another background and stamped it with a rose background stamp using water based markers that I colored the stamp with.  Make sure you don’t use the tip of your marker directly on the stamp, use it more on an angle, so it doesn’t ruin the tip of your marker.  After stamping the design onto the paper, I used the markers to color in the design.  I used pink, lighter pink, green and darker green markers to color in the design.. Then glued a piece of acetate behind that background layer and laid small beads into the four layered pieces and then glued the top layer to it and glued the whole group onto a card base the same size as the other two cards.  I added a banner and used a sentiment from My Creative Times, This and That .  I put pink flowered washi tape on the envelope from A C Moore. .
I really think this die is versatile and could have found more uses for it if I had more time.

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