I didn’t really feel like doing very much today as I had the carpet cleaning people here and had to keep the dogs out of their way and out of the house.  Two of the three dogs were losing their minds over the stranger danger.  I never have anyone in our backyard, so the dogs are safe there, and a ChemLawn man showed up and wanted to talk about changing our lawn service.  Isn’t that the way it goes?  You end up having your neurotic dogs in what they consider a safe place, and it’s no longer safe.  Rich had a doctor’s appointment (regular check up, nothing big), and so we were without the man of the house.  It wouldn’t have been bad if they had a safe place in the house, but didn’t.  Almost three hours later, we were good to go, but most of the carpets were wet, so only had one room they could hang in.

Luckily, it was our bedroom, so the dogs and I decided to take a long nap.  Yes, I know my life is extremely difficult.  Honestly, though, I was completely exhausted from the commotion and dog anxiety and needed a nap.

I did take the time to upload the die video and was glad to make sure I accomplished something.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll accomplish something else.  Maybe not.

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