I had all kinds of plans for making cards today, but unfortunately I was waylaid by my poor Aggie.  Rich was trying to cut her toe nails and she’s never been fond of it, so she jerks her feet.  Rich thought he only got the very tip of her nail, but it started to bleed and it was actually spurting blood by the time I got involved.  We really thought that it was under control–we had wrapped it in gauze and used medical tape to hold the gauze in place, until, she went outside.  This is where the story takes a bad turn.  Aggie has trouble picking up her back feet when she walks, so she kind of shuffles.  Unfortunately, her shuffling pulled her bandages off and reopened the vein.  There was blood everywhere.  On our carpets throughout the house, as she kept jogging away from us when she was being corralled.  Once she was outside and the bandage came off, she was on the patio and got blood all over the carpet, the stairs, pretty much everywhere.  The poor thing was so scared because we were holding her down to try to put a flour and water paste on her toe (the vet’s idea), and then wrap it in more gauze.    It took half of a box of gauze, a bottle of peroxide (to remove the blood from the carpets), a roll of medical tape, flour and water paste,  corn starch, and cling wrap to finally stop the bleeding.  She’s been exhausted ever since, just laying in front of the fan on a blanket I put there, in case she started bleeding again.

The odd part of the story, was Honey.  She and Aggie don’t spend much time together, but Honey knows Aggie’s in charge.  When we were trying to bandage Aggie’s foot, Honey was whining and barking and was really agitated.  I felt so bad for both dogs as neither Rich nor I, had time to talk to Honey, while we were trying to comfort and bandage Aggie.   And, hey, it’s not easy trying to wrestle a fifteen year old golden retriever to your way of thinking.  It doesn’t matter what you do, she has a mind as clear as a bell, and she uses it to find a way to free herself from any uncomfortable situation, and today was very uncomfortable for her.

After she was bandaged, blood clean-up took the rest of the afternoon and the evening was spent at the Laundromat with bedding and rugs that took a blood bath, literally.

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