Tim Holtz Stamp Platform / Misti Comparison and Peg Stamp AliExpress Die Card

I asked my friend Shelly to review the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform for me. Shelly did a terrific job of discussing the difference between the Tim Holtz stamp platform and the MISTI. Shelly’s review is from the perspective of someone with a physical limitation…I also asked my friend, Barbara Harrold, if she would do a review from the perspective of someone without a physical limitation, and she posted her video on her daughter Gracie’s YouTube page. You can find her video by going to this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4P2D3JbpVs.
I really hope that my viewers answered any questions you might have about the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform.
I wanted to try one of the dies I bought from Aliexpress, as well as the peg stamp set my friend Linda gave me called Bunny Garden. I cut out the dies and then laid a piece of purple card stock behind the front of my card and closed the card and using a white pencil, drew the circles through the front of the card then laid the circle dies on the pencil marks and cut them out.. The purple piece is 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ (as is the card.) I cut a pink piece of card stock with the edge die (and not using the circle. I laid the purple piece behind the front and lined up the holes, then glued it in place and added the pink layer leaving about 1/4″ of purple paper showing. I used peg stamps to create a nice background for my card and then put my sentiment on a piece of the pink card stock from the Hero Arts set called Friends L351 and raised it on foam squares. I stamped with the peg stamps on the envelope so it matched the card.

To buy the Bunny Garden stamps, go to the following link: https://pegstamps.com/bunny-garden-peg-stamp-set.html

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