I decided to sleep in today and had a lunch date with two old friends.  We had a really nice time and I ate way too much.  I definitely need to finish the video of the waterfall card, album, today, or it’s going to be forever before I put another video up.  I have some Halloween ideas I’d like to put on video, but keep forgetting to make the cards.  I’m really off of my game and I think it’s from the non-stop itching.  I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I can’t stand it when something is itchy.  This poison ivy has been lingering, probably because I don’t have much of an immune system, and I’ve had it with it.  I’d really like to wake up one day, look down at my arm, and be happy that it’s gone.  So far I’m wondering in what century that will occur.  I’m thinking I might have this stuff forever.  And that’s a long long time.

I’m going to force myself to finish the album so I can get it photographed and mail the Halloween one that I made.  I had promised to get it in the mail on Monday, so today is the day to finish that stupid thing.  It’s frustrating that it’s been sitting on my desk, half finished, for several days.  I’m going to go finish it right now.  Or maybe later.  Definitely today though.

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