I had to go to my rheumatology appointment today, which is a three hour drive round-trip.  It was raining and I am exhausted.  Rain will do that to me.  I really had intended to work on my lighted house ornament, but have no steam left.  I think instead, I might go to bed at 8PM…Since it’s already 7:45, I’ll be sleeping shortly.  I’m getting whimpy as I age, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow, one of my closest friends, is coming for a visit.  She’s not crafty at all, but collects sea glass, and wants to make some Christmas ornaments out of it.  I’m the girl for this job!  I volunteered to make ornaments with her this summer, and really didn’t think she would want to follow through with it, but luckily, she does.  I love trying new and different crafts (as you all know), and this should be a lot of fun.  I think all I need is sand, glass ornaments, sea glass, ribbon, and maybe some small sea shells.  I think I have everything covered.  I’m really looking forward to spending time with her, and this isn’t a craft that will take very long, or much thought process.  I think it’s a matter of pouring some sand and sea glass into the top of the ornament, gluing the top shut, and adding some ribbon to the top.  Voila!  I almost wish all of my projects could be so simple.

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