Last Minute Decorated Christmas Stockings, Quick and Easy

If you need a last minute stocking, here’s an easy and fast way to decorate one. I bought mine from K-Mart, but you can find stockings anywhere very inexpensive. I made mine for dogs so I could shove toys in them for the dogs and I don’t have to wrap anything. I used Dollar Tree diamond wrap in silver and some pre-glued ribbon from Michaels. I also used small ornaments that were originally garland.and I just cut it apart. I used white braided ribbon and hot glued it below the white fuzzy part of the stocking. Next, I added a different color ribbon below the first, then added a third ribbon below the second. It adds color and makes the stocking more appealing to the eye. I used hot glue. If you are making more than one stocking, you need to keep track of where the hanger is. If you make your stocking so the hanger is on the right side, you’ll need to make all of your stockings with the hanger on the right side, or they won’t hang properly in a row.
After gluing down the ribbons, I glued a row of the small ornaments, then used the diamond wrap to make the first letter of the dog’s names. I found the rounded letters more difficult to cut out, and found if I cut out a couple of rows of the “diamonds” and it made the wrap a lot easier to maneuver. The stockings took maybe ten minutes to make (each), and I highly recommend you using stockings instead of wrapping a bunch of presents. And yes, I know it’s weird to make stockings for dogs, but I don’t have children, so spoiling my animals is one way to really make Christmas more fun. I hope you’ll give this a try.

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