Re-Making a Dollar Tree Planner, Plus Extras

Every year, I like to re-make a Dollar Tree planner with a paper pad included as well as a pen, decorated paperclips and a pocket. This year, my girlfriend asked me if I would make one for her ninety year old girlfriend. She’s from the South, and as a Southern Belle, loves all things frilly. It’s not a style I’m accustomed to using, but fell into this style with no problem at all. I started by covering the book like we did when we covered our text books as kids (back when schools used books). I made a book mark with about 12″ of ribbon and putting tear tape on the back of the first inch and putting the ribbon inside the middle of the planner on the outside of the plastic planner and inside the paper we just covered it with. I covered the edges of the planner with a thin washi tape. That was a mistake, as the washi tape would not stick….so, plan B…I took off the washi tape and used ribbon instead. The ribbon is retired from Stampin’ Up, but you can find it on Ebay. It’s called pleated ribbon and here’s a link to some I found on ebay.
I didn’t use measurements, because every Dollar Tree planner is not exactly the same size. I will give you measurements to things that are consistent, though.
After you cover the planner, you’ll want to put your pen holder in place. The paper should be about 3/4″ tall by 3″ wide, and wrap it around your pen under the clip and line up the ends then fold it around the pen, so you can see where the pen would fall. Put tear tape inside the paper, not right up to the pen as it has to be able to move in and out of the paper. Remove the backing of the tear tape and attach it together, making sure you can pull the pen in and out. Then put tear tape on the back of the paper that doesn’t surround the pen, and take the lining off and adhere it to the inside front cover of the planner, making sure the pen is outside the book. I cut another piece of matching paper to fit the inside front cover, and covered the pen holder so you can’t see it anymore. I added a note pad in matching colored paper (that I got from the Dollar Tree and show the package at the beginning of the video.) Put a lot of tear tape on the cardboard backing and adhere it to the inside cover.
I took another piece of paper and cut it to fit the back inside cover and then made a pocket. My pocket was 1/2″ wider than the inside cover paper and 3 1/2″ tall. I scored it on the sides and bottom at 1/4″ and snipped out the two bottom corners . To create the diagonal, I put the paper in my paper trimmer so the right top edge is on the cut line and then turn the paper so the left side is turned so there’s enough of a diagonal to look right, then trim it and you’ll need to snip out the top corner as when you turn the folded score down, you’ll be able to see that scored piece. I put tear tape on the scored edges on the patterned side of the paper, then folded them under and adhered the pocket to the inside back of the book. I put the ribbon all along the pocket so it was easier to see.
I made a pocket to hold my paper clips on the inside left side of the book. I used a piece of paper that matched that was 1 1/2″ tall and 4″ long and scored at 1/2″ on either end. I put tear tape on the decorated side of the paper on the 1/2″ ends and folded them under and adhered them to the inside left side of the planner.  I realized the paper wasn’t sturdy enough to hold them, so glued a couple of the back pages of the planner together with tear tape so it would hold the paperclips without any problem.. I took matching buttons and threaded embroidery floss through the buttons and hot glued them down to big paperclips from the Dollar Tree.
I ran a long thin ribbon (about 18″) around the planner in the center, so she could tie it shut. I laid tear tape under it and then put hot glue on the very ends to ensure the ribbon would not pull off the book. I added a clock embellishment on the front cover with tear tape, and more of the pleated ribbon on the left and right front of the planner with hot glue.

If you’re into frilly, this planner is for you. I added a little pink resin heart to the inside top corner…

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