I had a lot of ambition today, but as the day progressed, lost the will to do much.  I really need to get started on the album for our friends’ new house, but I’m not completely sure of the type of album I want to create, so keep stalling.

I watched a video of a woman using scraps to make a card and think I’ll make one of those, but the video was made by a Stampin’ Up rep, and she talked non-stop about how great she treats her customers, and even went into detail about their rewards program and incentives, and that’s when she lost me.  I really like watching videos for the sake of the video, and if you discuss a product that you sell, that’s great…..just don’t tell me about  how good you are to your customer and the things you’ll do to give back your incentives.  Am I whining too much?   I do realize that they use YouTube to supplement their income and to encourage their customers to buy more product from them, but I just can’t handle the extra sales pitch.  It’s similar to watching a YouTube video where there is advertising placed every five minutes in the video.  I don’t think anyone wants to have a video interrupted for the exact same advertisement in five minute intervals.  Maybe I’m just out of touch, but isn’t one advertisement at the beginning of a video sufficient?  Just my two cents on things.  I need to take a break from watching videos, as it’s making me cranky.

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