I decided I have stalled long enough on the album for our friends, and today, I started working on it.  I wanted to make a video detailing how I made it, but I didn’t think anyone would care if I did all of the measuring, cutting, tear taping and punching, that needed done.  I was surprised by the time it took to do those things for an album that is maybe nine pages in length.  I guess we’ll see how long it takes to make the video tomorrow.  I think I’ll glue most of the pages together so you won’t have to watch that either.  It’s hard to know what people would like to see and what they would prefer to have me skip, so I’ll show a little bit of everything, but not all of anything.  Wow, that could be the mission of my channel….haha.

Rich worked on editing the Glue Dot video and I’m hoping that it will go live tomorrow.  There’s a book sale at our local library in the morning, and after that we’re both going to get serious about our YouTube responsibilities.  I guess it’s more like a privilege than a responsibility.  OK, for me, it’s more like fun.  There’s always time for that.

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