I had given Rich two videos that needed to be uploaded.  The one where I show that I covered a box and how I label my pens, and the pop box card video.  I thought he knew which was which, but when the video was uploaded, it was the wrong one.  He felt so bad about it that he’s working on getting the box card uploaded tonight as well.  If that’s the case, I’ll make sure to put it on live tomorrow AM.   I’m really sorry that I keep getting people’s hopes up about the box card, but these things happen.  Maybe I should have been more clear…He doesn’t even remember the discussion, so maybe it was in my head and I never said it out loud.  I think that happens to me more than I want to admit…

Tomorrow I’m going to work on another card that I think might have some big possibilities….but for now, I’m just thinking out the details…I hope it works, and if it does, YAY!   If it doesn’t, as always, I’ll disavow all knowledge that I ever mentioned it…like Mission Impossible, but crafty…

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