8/3 & 8/4/2018

We spent the day yesterday visiting our friends at their lake house.  The weather was perfect and we had a terrific time….

Today we went to a car show and walked around our downtown area where they had food vendors (and you know I love food vendors!)  It was really hot and I had a huge hot flash and was ready for air conditioning.  We got home and I felt like a beached whale….I was so hot and sweaty, and needed a nap.  I made cookies for a community event tomorrow, and accomplished nothing else.  The cookies are for a bake sale, so I might make some cute tags for them tomorrow before we go.  If I do, I’ll be sure to make a video of it…Why not, a lot of us crafters donate baked goods for community events, and making them a little crafty might help to get them sold more quickly…I’ll let you know.

I forgot to give you my review of Mission Impossible.  Here it is.  If you have seen the trailer for the movie, you’ve seen most of the good parts, so I’d wait for it to come out on video.  I thought it would have a lot more action, but the Mission Impossible with Philip Seymour Hoffman as the bad guy was much more “edge of your seat.”  On the other hand, this movie included a trimmed down Alec Baldwin and the current Superman, so there were some handsome men to keep us girls entertained….maybe it’s worth seeing in the theater after all.

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