I watched the video we made in the Dollar Tree and it’s kind of funny, because you can tell we’re sneaking around and trying not to draw attention to ourselves.  It’s the kind of video where you expect to see another shopper step into the frame and ask why we’re filming hair spray.  Boy, I wish someone had asked, and we could have put them in the video (with permission, of course.)

Today I had the joy of arranging my first colonoscopy next week.  I know you’re all jealous, and wish it could be you….I’ll let you know the results when I get them.  That appointment took most of our morning, and this afternoon, my girlfriend and I went shopping to find clothes for a wedding we’re attending.  I hate buying dressy clothes, and especially hate shopping for wedding attire…I bought five or six outfits and hope one of them will work.  Unfortunately, I can’t try on clothes in stores, as I need Rich to help with zippers and pulling dresses on and off….so I’ll be trying to find one that works.  I just need ONE…..Yikes, it’s not easy being green….


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