I spent the day eating candy and reading…I’m preparing for my colonoscopy on Tuesday, so thought it made a lot of sense to eat whatever made me happy today, as tomorrow I’m on a liquid (gross) diet, and then nothing until my 12:30PM appointment on Tuesday.  It seems a little bit excessive, not being able to eat all day tomorrow and half of Tuesday, but I’m playing along.  I really just wanted an excuse to eat chocolate, and this is the perfect excuse.

The book I read is by Harlan Coben, entitled Six Years.  I really enjoy his books, especially his Myron Bollitar series.  This one was a good read, and had a lot of twists, which I enjoy in a book.  I like to be surprised, and this one had a few good surprises.  If you like suspense, you might like this book.

As for tomorrow, I’m hoping to finish the card I started a few days ago, but didn’t have the energy to unbox and set up the new Vagabond..Hopefully we’ll make that a priority tomorrow…If not, it’ll probably be Wednesday, as I doubt I’ll feel like doing much on Tuesday.

Rich is working on the Dollar Tree video where I show over twenty items and how I use them with crafts.  I hope viewers will enjoy watching it and get some good crafty DIY ideas…


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