Over 30 Different Craft Hacks from the Dollar Tree

I’ve been thinking about all of the different products I use from the Dollar Tree, but normally not for the purpose they are intended. Rich and I took a sneaky tour of our local Dollar Tree and showed you as many ideas as I could think of…

1. Color Palette–I use them for all of my water mediums, but I recently saw Lindsay, the frugal crafter, take a piece of sandpaper to hers to allow her to simply scribble a watercolor pencil or Gelato across the surface to release pigment, and I’ll be showing it on an upcoming video.
(Peg Stamp Storage is at the bottom, sorry)
2. Posterboard–use it for Xmas trees, ornaments, and I use it for the backgrounds of my photos on YouTube.
3. Finger Paint paper pad and Art Pad. I use these for stamp cushions and to layer behind my projects to absorb messes.
4. Paper pads–great for gifts. I’ve linked one of my videos to this one.
5. Washi tape-it’s more papery than normal washi tape.
6. In auto dept., their masking tape isn’t as sticky as others, so works for holding down watercolor paper and remove without ripping. If you’re worried, rub it on your clothes or skin first to remove excess stick.
7. Foam tape in auto dept…great cheap foam tape.
8. Hair Gel–buy the blue for realistic water on cards, Check the link for video.
9. Hair Spray- works well for sealing projects with chalk or Mica Powder.
10. Spray bottles and pump bottles–work well for stamp cleanser and their spray bottle works like more expensive ones.
11. Hand Sanitizer–cleans MISTI and your hands..See video link.
12. Chap Eze use it to adhere red rubber stamps to adhere them to acrylic blocks or MISTI and clean up after is a breeze.
13.Shave Cream–use for marblizing card stock. check video link
14. Eye Shadow applicator, cosmetic wedges and blender sponges, use for applying chalks or as blending tools, and use for stencils.
15. Large Make Up Brush…use it with a small closed plastic container with corn starch or baby powder for wiping cardstock before using embossing powders to remove fingerprints, excess powder and smudges.

Nail products 16. Sanding block–great for removing rough edges on card stock
17. Eye Shadow in pots–use in place of Pearl Ex or for any time you want something glittery, check link at end of video for making pearlized inks.
In Laundry 18. Drier Sheets–use to remove intricate die cuts and leave nothing behind.
In Kitchen –19. Chopping Mats–use it to protect pages in your art journal and use for cutting surface for craft knife, as well as to put your project on like a craft mat.
In Child Dept. 20. Clasp Free Elastic Bands- use for book marks. see link
21. Baby Powder–for embossing, texture paste and DIY Gesso, see link
22. Baby Shampoo–DIY stamp cleanser 10 parts water to one part baby shampoo..
23. Baby Bibs-use in place of baby wipes (#24), as baby wipes add to trash, and baby bibs without plastic backing, velcro to the arm of my craft chair and clean up is a breeze.
25. Reading Glasses for those of us over forty.
26. Knee Highs–put two knee highs together and fill with 2 Tablespoon either baby powder or corn starch then knot them and cut off the excess. See link at end of video for heat embossing.
27. Decorator Dept. Take a small glass bowl and add flat backed marbles to hold your glue bottle with the point side down, so the glue is always ready to come out of the bottle.
28. Alcohol. I use 90% that’s available at your big stores like Walmart/Target, CVS and put a few drops with a baby dropper into your alcohol based markers to re juice them if they get dry. I also use it to take ink off of the inside of the MISTI. See link at end of video.
29. Cotton Swabs-applying chalk to projects. Or, removing ink from a portion of a stamp that you want to color with another ink.
30. Sheet Protectors–put them into a 3 ring binder and put your larger embossing folders inside.  See link at end of video for Watercoloring on Embossing for demo.
31. Peg Stamp Storage in plastic goods–I love using these to hold my peg stamps, as they stand upright and you can see them easily, and they come in a variety of colors if you want pink for flowers, blue for holidays, etc.  If you search my videos for peg stamp storage, you’ll find videos that show this is in action.

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