I made a cute potato chip bag for Halloween today and thought it would make a great video.  So Rich is uploading it right now, and then we’ll maybe put our field trip to the county fair video up after that.  I don’t want to have too many field trips close together, as that could be way too much Sandy and Rich for our viewers. haha

I still can’t believe how many views we’ve had on the Dollar Tree video.  I think it’s approaching 25,000 now.  I would never have dreamed that many people would want to watch us sneaking around in a Dollar Tree.  And the number of subscribers we’ve gotten from it, is amazing…we’re fast approaching 10,000 subscribers.  It’s like a dream, and if I pinch myself, I might wake up…Needless to say I’m not pinching myself any time soon.

As for my next video, I think I’ll make one with Crayola markers. It’s the perfect time of year for people to find them really inexpensively for back to school, so why not use them to color a poppy?  I really like that idea.  And I love the color red…poppy red.


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