Easy Potato Chip Bag for Halloween Plus DIY Crimping

I saw a potato chip bag done on LiveLoveScrap’s channel and here’s the link to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5pGsJ0Mggk
She uses a piece of acetate on hers so you can see inside, but I want my contents to be a surprise.
I used Hobby Lobby paper pad called Trick or Treat that is 8 1/2″ x 11″ and scored it on the 11″ length at 10 1/2″. You’re doing that so you have a guideline to make your bag even.
Put a line of tear tape on the very edge of the face of the paper between the score line and the edge of the paper. Since I used 1/4″ tear tape, I used two strips to make it go all the way to the 1/2″ mark. Then flip your paper over and put tear tape at the 11″ edge on the very top and bottom. Make sure you get as close to the edge as possible.  This project is made more easily if your paper is thin, like what you would buy in individual sheets from craft stores.
I took some dies I’d bought last year on Aliexpress (type in Halloween dies and you’ll find ones you like). Here’s a link to this year’s dies. https://tinyurl.com/y8xuvuau
I cut mine out of glittery black and orange card stock and then positioned them on the bag (toward the tear tape on the right but keeping in mind that the bag will be folded in half, so you need to center things if possible.
I used a Tonic pen (wet glue) and a make up eye shadow brush from Dollar Tree or Aliexpress to apply glue to thin die cuts. Here’s a link to the eye shadow sponge applicators I bought from Aliexpress. http://tinyurl.com/y9c3arqk

After adhering the die cuts, I took the backing off of the two pieces of tear tape I at put between 10 1/2″ and 11″ plus the ends off of the top and bottom tear tape backing, and took the two sides and lined up the edge so it lines up directly on the score mark I made and making sure the bottom two edges line up as well.
Then once I’ve done that, I pinch the bottom and top of the edge and lay it on my desk and put my hand inside to rub the tear taped area and make sure it’s well adhered.
Then I took the tear tape off the top, pinch the center so the front and back line up evenly, and pinch it closed there, then slowly keep pinching the edge until it’s entirely closed, then rub your hand over it to ensure it’s well adhered and flat. Don’t do the bottom until you’ve filled it with whatever goodies you want to put inside. I added candy and some small spiders that I think are table decorations you’d buy at any party store or Hobby Lobby, that were spiders, and some candy, then took the backing off of the tear tape and repeated the same process that I used on the bottom.
If you don’t have a crimper, use your score board and put the edge of the bag at the top left corner of the board and score every line for the first four lines and it looks like it is crimped. If you have a crimper, use that. Here are some crimpers I found on ebay.
I did the project live, and it only takes about ten minutes to make one, so if you have kids or grandkids, it would be a great way to send them off to school with a trick or treat bag from home…

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