I have been wanting to run several errands that are the kind I normally put off, so today was the day.  It was drizzling, but I committed (in my head) to returning some clothes I’d bought, as well as some things I’d bought from Joann.com, including the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform that I absolutely hated.  I’m sure a lot of people like using it, but I’m not one of those, as I found the lid cumbersome, (way too heavy), and my arm was tired after two or three inkings.

Both stores that I was returning goods are ones that normally take hours for returns…I think I might be cursed, because I can take something back with a receipt, and I still wait an hour for something that’s gone awry.  Today was a crazy exception to the rule.  Both stores returned the items so fast that Rich thought I was bringing the items back to the car instead of returning them.

I had so much time left over, I decided to do my second Dollar Tree video in the new store.  I thought it looked a lot bigger than our current location, but it doesn’t appear to have much more and certainly not a larger variety of goods.  Regardless, this time I asked the manager if I could do a video and even gave him my business card.  He immediately told me that corporate doesn’t allow them to do that, and I explained how many videos are on YouTube that feature the Dollar Tree…so he wanted to ask his regional manager that just happened to be in the store that day…The regional said, “Sure, it’s completely fine.”  YAY!  So I did the interior video, but couldn’t do any outside video as it was raining too hard…It’s great for another day and I might try to find a few more things that weren’t in stock today.

Then I came home and worked on two pages of my art journal.  I guess we’ll wait to see how those turn out.  I’m a little worried that I’ve created a terrible mess with one page, but I’ll never learn if I don’t try, right?

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