Last night we celebrated Halloween.  I know it’s odd, but here we have always done trick or treat on the Thursday night before Halloween.  Then the Saturday night before Halloween, we have a Halloween parade in our downtown.  I’m not sure what the reasoning is for either date, but that’s how it’s been done here since I can remember.  For the first time since having the YouTube channel, I decided to videotape Rich. He likes to dress up like a vampire and entertain the kids. I thought my viewers would enjoy seeing how much effort he puts into the event.   Sadly, we don’t get very many kids, and this year we only had five.  Five kids, what a bummer.  We give full size candy bars or bags of candy to try to entice kids to come to us.  We live on a dead end street with several houses, but many of them don’t participate giving candy, so the kids that used to come here, now go elsewhere.  I think it’s a real shame when people can’t find it in their hearts to get a bag of candy to share with five to ten kids.  The most we’ve ever had is fifteen, and that was in one of the first years we lived here (and we’ve lived here twenty-five years.)  I remember one year, a boy came back to tell Rich that Rich gave the best treats on the block.  It made Rich’s Halloween…  Last night we decided to go big or go home, and made a bag with a Pez dispenser shaped like a witch or a vampire with Pez candies, small Snickers bars, chocolate eye balls, a couple of small Reese’s cups, and a pair of vampire teeth with a packet of fake blood.  Rich thought the kids who came here might tell their friends, so that next year we get a few more trick or treaters.  I love his enthusiasm, but doubt anyone will remember a year from now.  For his sake, I hope it works, but I’m starting to worry that we’ll hit a year where we get no kids, as many are not doing traditional trick or treating, and our neighborhood is aging, so we have very few kids to start with.

I put the apron video online last night and this morning I had a comment from Lindsay the Frugal Crafter.  Since I’ve learned almost everything I know from her, it’s an honor whenever she takes the time to watch one of my videos.  It’s so nice to know that she watches videos from small channels like mine…YAY!


2 thoughts on “10/26/2018

  1. I’ve probably told you this before, but it took me YEARS to get used to Trick or Treat not being on Thursday like it was all the years I grew up. Here, it’s celebrated on Halloween night, no matter what day of the week it is. My husband can’t grasp the concept of it always being on a Thursday, LOL. Just goes to show how much our childhood traditions stay with us.


  2. Isn’t that the truth? Rich sent a photo of this years’ costume to his college friends, and none of them could understand the Thursday thing either….We’ll be posting a short video of him wearing it on Halloween..


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