More Dollar Tree Craft Uses for Ordinary Tools

Our new Dollar Tree opened, and as promised, I made another crafty idea video…
1. Wax paper-used with dies so the paper comes out easily.. In your sandwich, lay your cardstock down first, then wax paper to cover it, then your die facing down, then the top plate. It makes the paper come out much easier and helps the dies work better, longer.
fyi, If you add four folded new drier sheets under the paper, it will work even better.      2. Plastic wrap–to adhere napkins to cardstock..remove layers of your napkin until you only have the top layer left. Put a piece of copy paper under your project, then the cardstock, then a piece of plastic wrap just big enough to cover the cardstock, then the napkin with the pattern face up. Put another piece of copy paper on top and iron until the napkin has adhered to the cardstock.
3. Coffee filters—they work great to catch glitter or embossing powder to then return them to their bottles. You can also wipe your work surface with the outside of the filter to get rid of the rest of the glitter.
4. Used K-cup coffees: Maremi SmallArt made a great video showing how to use coffee and tea in her art journals and mixing them with texture paste. I’ve seen other videos where they’ve used coffee grinds instead of tea to mix with texture paste, but couldn’t find that video…this is Maremi’s.
5. Medical paper tape: great for holding down dies and you can make homemade washi tape with it as well.
6. Pump bottle for homemade stamp cleanser- 1 tsp. baby shampoo to rest water
7. Make Up Brushes for wiping off spare embossing powders or use for wiping excess glitter off.
8. Toothbrushes.…use your old ones for flicking paint and for cleaning your rubber stamps.
9..Quick Erasers-use them to take watercolor paint stains off paint palettes. Lindsay the frugal crafter loves these for this technique.
10. 360 duster—use for wiping off excess glitter or embossing powder from your work surface.
11. Dog hair removers–use them to clean up after using glitter or embossing powder
12. Planners—remake them for gifts and
13. Paper clips— I use them with hot glue
14. Stickers like enamel dots—color them with alcohol markers to change the colors to match your project
15. Small tea lights…I just made a lighted card with them.
16. Picture frames–put a decorated paper inside and glue a Christmas ornament to the glass..
17. Gift bags for inside photo frames or as a layer on your cards or to decoupage onto wood for art. Here’s a video where they did that.
18. Tissue Paper–use in art journals for decoupaging or to make into washi tape. and
19. Gift Sacks for albums
20. Christmas ornaments
21. Kids wig, a mirror and a skull –best Halloween wreath ever

22. Napkins or
23. Silicone ice cube trays: use them in any shape for making embellishments with hot glue or caulking or, to make homemade candies in (but don’t use the same trays for both type projects)

24. Paper towels…when you use paints or sprays and want a cool impression left behind, or for making your own mulberry paper or
25. Socks—diy Gnomes not snowmen

26. Tiny Vaselines for blending colored pencils.
27. Chopping mats—use with dies to make stencils or a mask

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